Massage in Motion

Peaceful Strength's massage and bodywork is all about movement.
Our sessions are done fully clothed on a mat on the floor. We combine therapeutic Thai yoga massage, which uses deep compression, twists, stretching and gentle traction with clinical massage techniques creating a unique session to bring about the pain relief you desire. It is the best of both worlds; a very effective therapeutic massage that is deeply relaxing all without getting undressed and covered in oil.
  • Frustrated with chronic pain and muscle soreness?
  • Are you tired of feeling like the tin man?
  • Are your shoulders up by your ears and unable to fully turn your head?
  • Hamstrings so tight you can't reach your toes?
We understand that feeling. No matter how many pain relievers we take or how often we foam roll we cannot relieve the pain ourselves. Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy focuses on outcomes. Be it pain management, increased range of motion or relaxing tight tense muscles from life stresses, we listen to your needs and create a session around them.
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